Milestone and History


1995  Prime was founded in Dec., by a group of forward thinking entrepreneurs and engineers.
1996  Mass production of "C-Band" LNB.
Mass production of "FSS" LNB series.
1997  In November, obtained the copyright of LNB structure.
Mass production of "Universal" LNB series.

Dongguan factory established

ISO 9002 certified company.
Certified by "HNS" in USA, mass production of "Direct PC" series under HNS's authorization.
S-Band LNB certified by "Indovision" in Indonesia.

1999  In June, headquarter & factory were moved into the Chung-Li Industrial Park, Taoyuan County, Taiwan
Certified by "Austar" in Australia, became the No.1 brand and gained the most market shares.
MS 3X4 certified by "Sony"
MS 4X4 certified by "HNS" in USA

Longhua factory established

BKC2R and BKC4R certified by "GLA" in South America.
In March, the Wireless LAN Division was established.
In November, Mass production of 2.4GHz AV Sender.

2001  MS 5X4 and Y-adapter MS certified by "DIRECTV" in USA.
Mass production of "Wireless LAN" products.
2002  Listed on the Taiwan OTC market. (Ticker Symbol: 6152)
In May, Prime & PBI merged.
2004  In October, Prime & Gincom merged.
2004  Prime privately owned Visionetics
2009  Become public in Stock market