Headend Systems

The Company 

Founded in 1993, PBI (Pro Broadband Inc.). manages to develop and manufacture high quality and state-of-the-art products to meet the digital market demands. With over 14 years of expertise in consumer electronic software and hardware engineering, PBI embarks on an advanced design, manufacturing and integration program in the industry of Digital Multimedia, Broadband Access, and Wireless Communications. 


PBI leverages its core hardware and software technology across three fast growing markets: Digital Multimedia, Broadband Access, and Wireless Communications. PBI's technology is based on years of research and development experience in DVB and MPEG standards. We have made significant investments in developing software for conditional access,common interface, interactive middleware and addressable signal decoding. We have successfully achieved a high level of embedded system integration in digital CATV headend broadcasting system, household IRDs, and microwave accessaries. In addition to technical proficiency, our product development benefits from world-class, cost efficient engineering and has strong relationships with key industry players such as ST, NEC, OKI,Panasonic Siemens, Philips,Nagra,Irdeto, Viaccess, and so on. 


Committed to the development of headend production, PBI has a world-wide application in the digital and analog CATV network. The digital headend equipments range from MPEG-2 digital encoder, digital multiplexer, professional QPSK/QAM transmodulator, QPSK/QAM modulator to scrambler; the analog headend equipment varies from adjacent modulator, FM radio modulator and combiner etc. All headend equipment are in line with national standards of China and have been certified by the National government firm CCC and SARFT.Equipped with an advanced and specialized production base and certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system, PBI is a professional STB manufacturer. PBI's products include digital Satellite/Cable/Terrestrial STBs, HDTV receiver, IP+DVB receivers, Mobile television receiver, and PVR receiver. Integrated varied CA system and middleware, PBI STB enables program encryption and interactive applications. PBI is also a full range C/Ku-band LNB manufacturer for all different applications in the whole world. 

Low-Cost Operations 

At PBI, we leverage talent and resources around the great China area to develop, manufacture and market our products. Product development is done in Beijing , tapping a wealth of highly trained, cost-efficient resources. Project management is planned in Chung-Li (Taiwan Silicon Valley), gathering sufficient material/components and fast marketing information environment. Manufacturing is performed by PBI ISO qualified factories in China . Further R&D outsourcing is obtained from selected software/firmware partners in India , China , Taiwan and France . PBI management team works together to set strategy and guide the company at cost efficiency to meet the worldwide markets competition. 


PBI emphasizes services by providing fast reaction and on-time delivery to meet customers'needs. Hardware has become a basic tool since the digital information era has begun, thus, the quality of the software is also what we promise to PBI users. With our prompt product logistics, we are able to build a fast reaction, on-time engineering service, and low-cost manufacturing hub in Asia for our OEM/ODM customers. 

The 21st Century Target 

We build ourselves as our customers'own affiliated R&D and manufacturing center in Asia . We have made every effort and investment in R&D, production, inventory and logistic resources to fulfill custom-design requirement. Nevertheless, our best performance is our customers'satisfaction. We will continue to make every possible effort to achieve our corporate goals - a major OEM/ODM supplier in Asia at Digital Multimedia, Broadband Access, and Wireless Communications. So Please, Team-up with PBI-Brighten Your Digital View!

To provide operators, service providers and other customers with one stop shop service, Prime offer various kinds of equipments for customers to use in their headend system, from Modulators, Transmodulators, Encoders, Transcoders, as well as IP TV system.

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Headend Systems

Headend Systems

To provide operators, service providers and...