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Home Networking Devices

        With the increasing bandwidth at home, smart devices such as smartphones and mobile tablets have become essential daily necessities for almost everyone. Whether it is through wireless 4G, LTE, , 5G, WiFi or wired Ethernet Cable, PON, XDSL , Cable Modem, FTTH and other methods to obtain high-speed bandwidth, and then in the home, everyone can connect to the Internet and even share audio and video information at home or on the Internet anytime, anywhere. It has also become a part of the daily life of the public. Therefore, home networking The importance of equipment is also increasing day by day.
Through different transmission media and usage scenarios, there are different suitable standards. By cooperating with brand and operator customers, Prime Electronics actively invests in research and development resources, and conducts product development in the relevant technical standards. In order to provide customers with high-quality Products and Services.


        After combining years of experience in WIMAX, LTD, WiFi router, Line Amplifier and other products, Prime Electronics cooperates with brand customers in JDM and enters into the next generation of HOME GATEWAY product field for development. This advanced HOME GATEWAY will have WiFi 7 , XGS-PON exclusive 10Gb, SFP exclusive 10Gb, EasyMesh 4.0 and other functions. Provide strong wireless connection, secure network and harmless network for operators, telecom service providers, enterprises, remote workers or demanding high-end residential users manage.

This advanced GATEWAY can provide broadband multimedia entertainment, real-time video, and broadband Internet services with high bandwidth requirements for the last mile wireless users of the network without the need to consider bandwidth restrictions.


        An Ethernet Coax Bridge (ECB) provides you with an Ethernet connection from a coaxial cable to an Ethernet RJ45 port. You will need at least one pair of ECBs to establish a connection over coax and extend the connection to different devices in different rooms.

         Prime provides MoCA 2.0 and MoCA 2.5 ECB. Through firmware changes, ECB can choose to support MESH or ACCESS network architecture (need to be matched with Network Controller); according to the supported frequency difference, it can be divided into the following:

                MoCA D-band (commonly used in cable television networks)
                MoCA E-band (for DTH/Satellite TV network)

The product is ready and has started mass production. OEM/ODM customization is welcome. For example, Baiyi has also customized ECB that supports POE function for brand customers.