MoCA Ethernet Coaxial Bridge

Product Name:
MoCA Ethernet Coaxial Bridge
MoCA Ethernet Coaxial Bridge

Product Description:

The stand along Ethernet Coaxial Bridge (ECB) offer you the Ethernet connectivity from coaxial cable to Ethernet RJ45 port. You will need at least a pair of ECB to build the connection through coaxial cable and extend the connectivity to different rooms to different devices.

Prime offers both MoCA 1.1 and MoCA 2.0 ECB, including supporting

  • MoCA D-band (normally used in cable network)
  • MoCA E-band (normallu used in DTH/satellite network)

The products are ready and in mass production already, OEM/ODM customization are welcome.

 For more information, please contact Prime sales, marketing team.