How do I know…

Connect Smartphone to DABGo

Once you finished basic setting, just turn on hotspot of your smartphone, then power on DABGo, it will automatically connect to your smartphone. If you have more than one smartphone hotspot in the list, it will circle and connect to the first smartphone which has its hotspot turned on. So if all the family members are in the same car, just the person who want to control DABGo turn on the hotspot to reduce the confusion.


How do I know if my Udio is connected to DABGo ?

To check if Udio is connected to DABGo, following the steps below:

         1.  Click DAB Settings of the menu


         2.  You will get the following picture, click the red squared icon


         3.  You will get the following picture, if Udio is connected to smartphone hotspot, then enclosed within the red square will be shown                    the SSID and signal strength of the hotspot