Mounting Antenna and DABGo

1. Attach Antenna to the wind shield near A-Pilar of your car using sticky tape (transparent tape recommended)
    NotePlease pay more attention when pasting, in order to ensure that the antenna can be firmly fixed, the adhesive has a certain              degree of adhesion
    Do not fit any components in locations that may interfere with safe operation of the vehicle.
    We recommend you install the antenna in the top corner of the windscreen, on the passenger's side of your vehicle.


    The best placement of the antenna that we recommend , and please keep the antenna vertical!


2. Mount DABGo on your car with a controller bracket


3. Attached is a connector with one end as USB connector and the other end a plug. Plug in this connector to the cigarette lighter on your        car on the one end and connect to DABGo with USB connector on the other

        Then connect AUX-IN line with vehicle, if your car don't have AUX-IN, please click here


4. Attach antenna connector to DABGo antenna inlet



5. Turn on the power when you want to use it

    Watch video installation instruction