Scan DAB services

         1.  Click menu (icon red squared ) at homepage


         2.  Select DAB Control from pull down menu


         3.  Click “SCAN” to scan channels from 5A to 13F


         4.  The progress of scanning will be shown as below, you can abort scanning by clicking “STOP SCAN”


         5.  When scanning is finished, a picture as below will appear


         6.  Click OK, it will return to menu, then you can click “Program List” to find out all the available services on the air


         7.  The program list is like the following, where the programs just scanned will be listed together with all the programs ever                                 scanned before, but those not available this time will be prefixed with a “?” mark


         8.  You can click a service on the list, then it will be highlighted and you can click the turned red “PLAY” to play this service


         9.  The service being played will be prefixed by a “*”, as below. You can change the way the services be listed by clicking “ORDER”


         10.  Then you get three options as below


         11.  If you click “Ensemble”, then the services of the same ensemble will be put together, as below (Note: there is no obvious                                indication to ensemble. Switching among services in the same ensemble does not need tuning to different frequency, so faster)


         12.  If you click “Name”, then the services will be listed in ascending alphabetic order, like


         13.  If you click “Active”, then the active services (those without “?”) will be listed before inactive services (those with “?”)


         14.  If you don’t want inactive services appear in the list, you can click “prune” to clean them up