Select DAB services to play

You can switch to different programs in the following ways

● Next, Previous or Pause

● Select from program list

   1. Click menu (icon red squared ) at homepage

   2. Select DAB Control from pull down menu 

   3. Click Program list

   4. Touch the service you want, it will be highlighted, then click Play. You will see an asterisk appeared before it. 


● Select from favorite list

   1. When you activate Udio, you get the homepage as below, you can click any number with bracket (e.g. 3, 4 and 6) in the list                     (red squared) below to switch to your preset favorite service.


   2. If the preset service is not available at this moment, the number will turn red (e.g. 4 as shown below in the red square)


   3. If you click an invalid service such as 4, the service name (e.g. NRK P1) will be prefixed with red “(invalid)” and the signal bar                  has no strength.