Set favorite programs

Method 1

You can set your favorite programs for easy retrieval later

         1.  The favorite programs are shown in home page as below (red squared) and assume none program was set (none of the                            numbers are enclosed with bracket)


         2.  When you like to add the current program being listened as your favorite, long press one of the 10 numbers until it becomes                    bracketed, as below (assume 5 is selected)


         3.   To remove a favorite program from the list, long press the bracketed number until the bracket disappear


Method 2

         1.  Click menu (icon red squared) at homepage


         2.  Click ''DAB Control''


         3.  Click “Preset Management” as below


         4.  Then you get the following list (assume none program was set)


         5.  Click the number you want to set your favorite program, you get


         6.  Click the “FROM LIST”, you will get the list of all programs ever scanned as below. Sliding the programs to exhaust the list


         7.  Click the program you want to set as favorite then it will be highlighted, then click the turned red “SAVE” to save it to the list


         8.  You will get the following list on which the favorite programs ever set appeared


         9.  The service name is used as the name of the preset channel by default, but you can also give it a name by your own. To do this                you click the number of preset (said 8) to be renamed, you get


       10.  Then click on the name field to edit the name and click “SAVE” to save it


       11.  To remove a program from the preset list, click the number of the preset to be removed. You get the following picture, then                      click  “CLEAR”


       12.  The Name and Frequency field will instantly disappear.