Upgrade FW of DABGo

Udio will remind you when there is F/W with new version, as below:


         1.  Clicking YES will lead you to a page as below:


               Where red square 3 shows the problem fixed or new features added to let you decide whether to upgrade or not. You can click                 red square 2 to download or red square 1 to skip.

         2.  If you click “Upgrade”, then download starts and the progress bar as below will be shown


         3.  When download is finished, the upgrade process of DAB and Wi-Fi modules of DABGo will start one after another in the stated                  order.

         4.  When download is finished, the upgrade process of DAB module of DABGo automatically start. It takes about 6-7 minutes with                  progress of upgrade shown as below


         5.  After DAB module upgrade is finished, Wi-Fi module starts immediately. It takes less than 1 minute.


         6.  DABGo will be temporarily disconnected from smartphone after completion of Wi-Fi module upgrade. You just wait for DABGo to                reconnect to your smartphone without the need of doing anything.

         7.  When DABGo is reconnected to Udio, the following message will appear if the upgrade is successful.


         8.  You shall restart DABGo (unplug the power of DABGo then plug in power again) to make the upgraded version effective.

         9.  If the upgrade is unsuccessful, when Udio is reconnected to DABGo, it will resume the upgrade process and show the upgrade                  progress bar as stated above