Shaping brand new DAB user experience

DAB has been deployed in many countries of Europe for a while. But so far the digital aspect of DAB is not fully familiarized to audience. Therefore we conceive a new product which combines DAB with smartphone and cloud to provide experience unachievable with traditional DAB receiver. We call this product DABGo, the apps on smartphone Udio, and the cloud Cloudio which will be introduced below.

What is DABGo?

DABGo is a device used in car to receive DAB+, and powered by cigar lighter of the car. Its outlook is as below


To know how to set up and use DABGo, press here. It is used with an Apps called Udio.


What is Udio?

Udio is the Apps You need to control DABGo.

Scan the QR code to download Udio


              Android                                              iOS 


Why we want you to use smartphone to control DAB device? Because we fully use the advantages of smartphone to improve user experience with the aid of Cloudio

  1.  Enhanced service following:Service following is a useful feature upon driving. When you move to a place beyond the range which the equipment broadcasting your current program can cover, DAB+ receiver can automatically switch to an alternative transmitter which broadcast the same program without your intervention. But if there happen to be several transmitters broadcasting the same program at your current location, DAB+ receiver needs try the transmitters one by one until one with good quality is found. With the help of Cloudio, which has all the signal strength information of all transmitters at this location, it will guide you to switch to the best one at one stroke. This function needs smartphone since it has both the location information provided by GPS and it can connect to Cloudio to access the relevant information.

  2.  Enhanced Program recommendation:Think of a restaurant without menu, then you need try every disk to find the food you want. In the realm of DAB+, there are much more programs available due to efficiency of frequency usage, hence there are much choices. Unfortunately, you need find out programs you like one by one just as in a restaurant without menu. With the help of Cloudio you can get lists of programs according to categories, such as classical, pop or talk. Again this function needs smartphone’s capability to connect to internet.

  3.  Safer control of DAB:You are recommended to keep your eyes looking ahead and hands on the wheel when driving, hence the best way to control DAB is through voice. If now and then casting a glimpse to your DAB is needed, it had better to have a big screen. Smartphone has a big screen and Udio implement voice control function on it.

  4.  Integrating DAB+ and internet together:Content delivered over DAB+ is entirely FREE, but the stream over internet cost you networking fee. But broadcasting is unidirectional, while internet is interactive. Combining the two makes a better radio for you. This is called Hybrid Radio. You can visit the website of RadioDNS to know more about it.

  5.  Storing useful information:Some useful information are delivered over DAB+ but they arrive and disappear instantly while time advances on traditional DAB+ receivers. However, some of these information is worthy to be stored. For example, the travel information delivered by TPEG and the news delivered by journaline. Smartphone has the space to store these information for a period long or a short. We need your requirement to design it into a product you want.

  6.  Other functions imaginable. We need the help of your imagination to realize them for you.


What is Cloudio?

Before we introduce Cloudio, let’s go back to the ages of discovery when a lot of explores tried various new routes to India. They need compass and map to locate themselves, but they also need the knowledge of ocean currents and winds to avoid shipwreck. Who could give them map and oceanographic data? No one, if you’re the pioneer. But the adventurers record the depth, current, and wind of the route they have travelled. These information became the guide for the follower navigators.

The same is true when we drive on the roads listening to DAB+. If every car contribute the DAB+ signal quality on the route it goes through, then there will come out a database based on which service following will be more precise.

Cloudio is a website where we collect the signal strength measured by DABGo and the services provided by broadcasters along the route it traversed. It needs the contribution of all DABGo users navigating on every route of Europe to make it complete and useful for all people on the road. This is an automatic process but we need and plead the permissions of all users of DABGo to allow Udio to send the signal quality information of the service they are listening to Cloudio.

Besides signal strength, Cloudio also collect lots of services broadcasted on the air of Europe, thus you can use Udio to ask for the services of a certain category (e.g. Pop or Classical) then Cloudio will give you all the available programs of this category which is available at your location.


Our perspective for future

Several projects based on AI are going on to help improve the security, comfortability, convenience and pleasure in your house. We will reveal more information with the advancement of the projects.