Headend Systems

Prime Electronics has a subsidiary in Beijing, Beijing Jiawei, which is dedicated to the development of front-end products. It has a complete series of products such as cable digital TV front-end, cable analog TV front-end, optical fiber transmission, etc., and has been widely used in various scales at home and abroad. in the cable television system. Products can provide MPEG-2 digital compression encoder, digital multiplexer, professional QPSK/QAM digital demodulator/decoder, QPSK/QAM modulator, scrambler and other digital TV front-end products as well as a complete set of analog front-end Series of equipment, such as adjacent frequency modulators, cable TV demodulators, FM radio modulators, mixers, etc. of various specifications. Prime Electronics is willing to work with all partners to work together on the construction and development of digital TV and broadband systems in my country, and to provide newer and better products and services for the majority of users.

In order to provide customers such as operators with one-stop shopping services, Prime Electronics provides a variety of equipment for customers to choose from in the head-end system, from modulators, transponders, encoders, transcoders and IPTV systems Everything is available.

If you need more information about products, you can refer to the following Beijing Garvey website www.pbi-china.com

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