Set Top Box      

        For different operators, content service providers provide audio and video sources through different media, such as cable TV, satellite live broadcast, terrestrial antenna, and even IP streaming services, while taking into account the interests of operators and providing subscribers with a complete and beautiful user experience , as a standard audio-visual output device, the TV still needs to be connected with various set-top boxes for related decoding and demodulation.

        There are different classifications and standards for set-top boxes according to the way they broadcast or deliver content, such as DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, ATSC, OTT or hybrid set-top boxes . With its excellent set-top box experience, Prime Electronics has also become one of the pioneer members of Android TV/ AOSP/ RDK and other platforms. Customized product design, development and mass production.

        Prime Electronics has a professional and experienced software and hardware R&D, sales team, and production factory. It can do OEM/ODM/JDM cooperation for any type of set-top box with different locking systems, CAS or DRM, and provide customers with the latest and timely solutions. product platform. Customers are welcome to contact and discuss, and Baiyi Electronics' professional business and R&D team will provide customers with relevant product suggestions or proposals.