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stock code 6152 industry category Communication Network Industry   Country of registration of foreign enterprise
Company Name Prime Electronics & Satellitics Inc. switchboard 03-4615000
address 3, Tze-Chiang 1st Road, Chung-Li Industrial Zone, Chung-Li City,
chairman HSU CHING HUI
(Mark Hsu)
General manager HSIEH HENG JUNG
spokesman HSIEH HENG JUNG Spokesperson title General manager
Spokesperson phone 03-4615000 # 305 acting spokesperson 黃麗珍
Main business Wired communication machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
Wireless communication machinery and equipment manufacturing
Manufacture and import of telecommunication regulated radio frequency equipment
Company Establishment Date 84/06/12 Unified number of profit-making enterprises 89549585
Paid-in capital $1,677,384,630 listing date 98/12/08
OTC date 91/04/17 Opening date 91/01/02
public release date 89/06/29 Par value per share of common stock NT$10.0000
The number of ordinary shares issued or the number of TDR original shares issued 167,738,463 shares (including private placement 0 shares) special stock 0 shares
Common Stock Earnings Distribution or Loss Appropriation Frequency Per year Common stock annual (including the fourth quarter or the second half of the year) cash dividend and bonus resolution level shareholders meeting
stock transfer agency SinoPac Securities Co., Ltd. Telephone 02-23816288
transfer address 3rd Floor, No. 17, Boai Road, Taipei City
Visa accounting firm Ernst & Young
Visa Accountant 1 Lo Hsiao Chin
Visa Accountant 2 Chen Kuo Shuai
Our company none special stock issue Our company none Corporate bond issuance
English abbreviation  PRIME
English correspondence address (street number)  3, Tze-Chiang 1st Road, Chung-Li Industrial Zone, Chung-Li City,
English correspondence address (county, city and country) Chung-Li Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan.
fax machine number  03-4614000 e-mail
company website
Investor Relations Contact   Lilian Huang  Investor Relations Liaison Title   Financial Department IR Manager
Investor Relations Contact Number  03-461-5000 # 305 Investor Relations Email
Interests in the company website Related person area URL Zone
name before change   Abbreviation before change   Company name change approval date 0

The company adopts   Monthly Fiscal Year (Blank Calendar Year)
The company in   Picked before   Monthly Fiscal Year
Prepare Financial Report Types ●Combined○Individually