AI day and night safety care system    

  • Combined with AI edge computing or embedded GPU dual-architecture customized security protection all-round solution
  • AI de-identification processing, privacy protection is the first priority, can accurately identify and report, including: restricted area intrusion, fall detection, room dynamics, real-time two-way conversation, vital signs (option), etc.
  • Combined with AI technology, analyze physiological/posture/behavioral patterns, etc., and comprehensively understand the Life Style, risk analysis, and health assessment of the care receiver
  • The algorithm model of AI-Care is regardless of age/gender/fat or thin, etc. The self-designed AI algorithm is designed by considering the changes in the body posture during the fall process. It is versatile and versatile, and can accurately gesture recognition 
  • Full-featured 24-hour day/night mode 
  • Multi-room, multi-person tracking security guard
  • Applicable fields: general home care, elderly living alone, long-term care, medical institutions, sunshine centers, public areas, etc.  

  Fall detection, out of bed detection, various safety detection and provide instant alarm notification.

Real-time video monitoring, or adding NVR for video playback, and two-way communication, allows caregivers to connect at any time to take care of the daily life of the care receiver.



fall notification


Two-way talk